.SKPiTZ. (love_bubbles) wrote in xdegrassix,

Ok I've got a question. Acually its not really a question its more of a cry for help... I need screencaps of these things! some are spoilers so ill put it behind a cut

Jay and Alex kissing

Sean and Emma kissing in white wedding

Sean and ellie kissing

Jimmy and hazel kissing

Ash and Jimmy kissing

Ash and Craig kissing

Ash and sean from there little hookup thing

Manny and craig kissing

Liberty and JT kissing

Rick hitting terri

Paige and Mr O

Paige and Spinner

omg im having a mind spasm so any other kisses u can think of!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED THIS !!!!!! lol thanks in advance

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