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Hello fellow Degrassi fans.

I'm back after being MIA. I decided to leave the community during the off season because nothing much was being posted other than icons and trolling.

Ghost In The Machine
I don't like how Paige lost her rape case. She should have at least got something out of it instead of crashing Spinner's car and in return smashing up Dean's. I do like the fact that Spinner let it go and figured helping Paige out was more important than a vehicle. What's up with Ashley being all over Craig's maybe. She basicly held his hand and drug him to buy that guitar. Then Craig gets really irritating when he screws over Joey. But give it to Snake for saving the day!

King Of Pain
I thought 'Oh damn, Dylan and Marco are breaking up.' No. It didn't turn out that way. They had a trival lovers spat. I wanted some drama. Alex needs her ass kicked, point blank. Even though she sobered up at the end, it still doesn't make up for her being a bitch to Marco. I am in love with how Marco came out to his mother and how well she took it. Good luck with daddy, Marco. Liberty and Chris? Why did she jump from JT to him...attention of course. She's the alltime geek girl who falls for any guy who knows her name, basicly. Emma should deal with it. Chris and her are not together...let it go, Emm!

Speaking of Emma...
Why is she turning bad? I don't like that character spin at all.
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